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The Grale Grinder
The Grale Grinder

The Grale Grinder

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Introducing The Grale®, the world’s first and only grinder scale apparatus. Featuring CNC milled aluminum teeth, weight reduction aerospace ABS hard plastic base, and an extremely precise scale measuring in 0.01-gram increments for the most accurate application. Why guess when you can Grale®?


Additional features:

  • E-Z Roll capability, a small door for easy pouring of prepared material into the desired smoking/cooking apparatus.
  • Large door for easy reservoir tray extraction. Also allows access to added weighing and pouring capabilities, in addition to one of the most efficient pollen collection systems in the world.
  • Brand new teeth formation and spacing for optimal consistency when grinding vegetative material.
  • Fully patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Grind, weigh, store, and pour. Why guess when you can Grale®?